Letterpress printed greeting card made by yours truly

Hello Fellow Star Travelers! I practiced improv for a good long while before I had all these surgeries on my facebones. I don’t look funny but I feel funny. For a good long while I felt too funny to be funny on stage.  Anyway, I wrote this sentiment, “here’s to another trip around our sun […]

I’ve had the utmost joy taking on custom letterpress printing work recently. My clients are always apologetic for the back and forth that is inevitably a part of custom design and printing. To confess, I had my reservations about taking the custom work on for this very reason. But I’m surprised to find that I […]

Hiya. I print on a 1913 Chandler Price letterpress printer that my husband found in a Portland garage last Christmas. We refurbished it with a lot of help from those pockets of artists and craftsmen that you only find when you are into something deep. REBELTOeS used to have loads of posts with musings of […]


Because I’m afraid I will die tomorrow during a surgery that will remove titanium plates and pins from my facebones, I insisted on a delivery of a pile of mulch. 2 units. This means the broken bark pile was as tall as me and as large as my driveway where it rested. I started to […]

I am always surprised at the rules I have to make as a parent. Like this one: Do not house yourself in a garbage bin with the lid closed especially on the South side of the house during the high heat of summer. What you don’t see is the hose they had strung between the […]

When he was 6 he started a research treatment for his milk anaphylaxis. I would take him once a week early in the morning. Each time, he would hide in the ficus while waiting for his name to be called. My 8 month pregnant body was too large to crouch there with him, but, oh […]

The day after my highschool graduation I had my second reconstructive jaw surgery due to a major bike accident. Most of my friends did as I would have done if the tables were turned. They dropped by once. Hoped I felt better. Left chocolate or a card. Then they went to summer jobs, and played […]

When asked if this guy penciled his name on the hallway wall I just painted, or if he carved his name in the banister, or marked his name on the leg of my jeans, or inked his name in large letters across his older brother’s favorite shirt, or fingered his name in spit on Matt Daddy’s computer […]

See those long shadow legs? Those are mine and you are looking at what I did for a good 45 minutes. No surfing on the phone. No talking with parents waiting for their kids’ LaCrosse games to finish. No self-indulgent existential crisis. Earlier in the day Drowsy Tulip slept 18 hours and pushed a low-grade […]