Last year we were selling a house, renting a house, buying a house, remodeling a house and moving into a house. Years ago, I started a tradition of putting up pics of a person when he or she had a birthday. The pics would litter the house and document the past year. No streamers or balloons. Just pics. I loved the tradition of my making, but last year was nutty and I was willing to let it go as it was clearly just for me. I liked having an answer to the question, “Where was I last year? What did I do?” That’s right. I was behind the camera taking a picture before scooping a child up and making the kid hug me one more time.2016-01-26 18.44.53

This past birthday round, I asked Duke what he wanted. He asked for the house of pictures and brownies. Of course, if he has a photo fest, then well we all have to have a visual ode to each of us. This entry document’s T-bird’s year, but each of ours will look similar. Reminders of all that we did and all that we were and all that we will be. Stuck in every nook and corner and cranny of our home. I love it. Picture walls are back at Casita Rebeltoes! Whoop! But before I could pat myself on the back for instilling an appreciation for the priceless gift in my oldest, he handed me a list of wants too. Ah well. Baby steps. Crazy baby steps.20160126_184631

Also, this semester, REBELTOeSDAY  TUESDAY is more like REBELTOeS WEDNESDAY or REBELTOeS THURSDAY or hey can we rebel a little next week instead. 20160126_184642Tuesdays are hard this time around. I sorely underestimated four kids and their busy. I know you love me anyway. Roll with me til the boat rocks a bit more predictably. Rebel onward. And buy cards. I make gorgeous cards.  jx2016-01-26 18.56.13

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  1. totally love you anyway.

  2. I will roll and I will buy cards. Love you and your spirit.

  3. POKE ME–it’s Tuesday! Love you!


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