witness the geography winner consuming his prey...

This kid won his school’s National Geographic Geography Bee!! I’m totally bragging. Come on! Get on the happy train with me!!! Eeeks! There, I said it. I have been trying for the last few days to figure out how to not brag so blatantly. But, whatever. Tune in next week if you want to avoid […]

Duke with his ice packs on his arms to calm down his allergy shots

When I climbed on my first school bus for kindergarten, the driver told me not to worry because there was a red-head aboard. Jeff Tichy then popped his face over the seat. He had loads more freckles than teeth, “Guess what?” he asked. Before I responded he said, “Chicken guts,” and inverted his tongue to […]

About this time of year, every year, my mom made a large batch of homemade caramel for Christmas presents. We spent hours snipping the sweets and had red crescent blisters from the scissors to prove it. I moaned on the outside but didn’t mind one wit on the inside. Caramels signaled the start of winter […]

T Bird at birthday number 3! Our tradition is to take the little to his/her first movie in a theater then!

I have been a nutter butter. Not the cute and crunchy cookie kind. The absolute surprise supreme batshit crazy pants kind. This has happened to me twice as a parent already and I’m only ten years into the gig. The first episode was when Duke was little and his food anaphylaxis was exploding. One meal, […]

T-Bird's 2015-2016 school pic

Lands! Yesterday was Rebel Toesday? Agk! Okay, so I hope this pic makes up for it. He pre-approved his hair. Just saying to cover all my bases because I’m not sure the end result is all that he had envisioned. When you love someone like I do, no touch ups or retakes of his school picture […]

tulip cut her hair whilst i was folding laundry

“Your kid must be dumb and remarkably slow moving.” These are the exact words that went through my mind when a fellow mom asked me where I was when Smarty Fast McTulip climbed up to the top shelf to get the kitchen shears and give them a whirl. For the record, I was right there. […]

T Bird stealing the neighbors pumpkin. I caught him red handed with a camera in hand. Hes hoping that if he doesnt look me in the eye, I wont see him or the pumpkin.

He’s not looking into the camera because I’ve caught him red-handed. He’s stealing the neighbor’s pumpkin. He thought if he didn’t look, I wouldn’t see him. He’s not dumb. He’s just hopeful. As we returned the pilfered pumpkin, he spilled the beans…errr….seeds. It seems that his large dreams include adding a festive touch to my un-decorated porch. […]

Just hanging out on a beautiful day...

Here in Rebel Land, I’ve felt a touch on the quiet side as you might’ve guessed. Matt-Daddy has been traveling a lot and I’ve gnawed off more than I can chew with a few projects and my resident rebeltoes underfoot. When Matt-Daddy and I were on our honeymoon oh so many years ago, there was an […]

T Bird almost ready for discharge

There is no way to prepare for the day that you think your four-year-old- who is 24 hours-post-adenotonsillectomy can handle sitting in a doctor’s office for dental appointments for the 2 older kids that you forgot you had and for which don’t want to be charged a no-show fee and then your youngest pukes up […]