When asked if this guy penciled his name on the hallway wall I just painted, or if he carved his name in the banister, or marked his name on the leg of my jeans, or inked his name in large letters across his older brother’s favorite shirt, or fingered┬áhis name in spit on Matt Daddy’s┬ácomputer […]

Lovely REBELTOeS. I am not writing tonight. I’ve got this girl snoring on my shoulder. Catch you next week.

tulip cut her hair whilst i was folding laundry

“Your kid must be dumb and remarkably slow moving.” These are the exact words that went through my mind when a fellow mom asked me where I was when Smarty Fast McTulip climbed up to the top shelf to get the kitchen shears and give them a whirl. For the record, I was right there. […]