Because I’m afraid I will die tomorrow during a surgery that will remove titanium plates and pins from my facebones, I insisted on a delivery of a pile of mulch. 2 units. This means the broken bark pile was as tall as me and as large as my driveway where it rested. I started to […]

I am always surprised at the rules I have to make as a parent. Like this one: Do not house yourself in a garbage bin with the lid closed especially on the South side of the house during the high heat of summer. What you don’t see is the hose they had strung between the […]

Spiders are not my skill set. Like no where frigging near my skill set and will never be and never were and I don’t like anything that I have to sew extra appendages onto a shirt in order for my kids to have a believable costume if they wanted to be one for Halloween. Things […]

Rather than post on REBELTOeSDAY, I built a wall between myself and my oldest daughter. Its dimensions are heartbreaking, but I included a few dusty pockets where crickets can chirp. It seems her mouth and my mouth are similar. Some parts crooked, some parts too forward, some parts too backward and all jangly in the […]

T Bird at birthday number 3! Our tradition is to take the little to his/her first movie in a theater then!

I have been a nutter butter. Not the cute and crunchy cookie kind. The absolute surprise supreme batshit crazy pants kind. This has happened to me twice as a parent already and I’m only ten years into the gig. The first episode was when Duke was little and his food anaphylaxis was exploding. One meal, […]

T Bird stealing the neighbors pumpkin. I caught him red handed with a camera in hand. Hes hoping that if he doesnt look me in the eye, I wont see him or the pumpkin.

He’s not looking into the camera because I’ve caught him red-handed. He’s stealing the neighbor’s pumpkin. He thought if he didn’t look, I wouldn’t see him. He’s not dumb. He’s just hopeful. As we returned the pilfered pumpkin, he spilled the beans…errr….seeds. It seems that his large dreams include adding a festive touch to my un-decorated porch. […]

T Bird almost ready for discharge

There is no way to prepare for the day that you think your four-year-old- who is 24 hours-post-adenotonsillectomy can handle sitting in a doctor’s office for dental appointments for the 2 older kids that you forgot you had and for which don’t want to be charged a no-show fee and then your youngest pukes up […]