The day after my highschool graduation I had my second reconstructive jaw surgery due to a major bike accident. Most of my friends did as I would have done if the tables were turned. They dropped by once. Hoped I felt better. Left chocolate or a card. Then they went to summer jobs, and played […]

After The Duke lost his Geography Bee, I asked how his day went when I tucked him into bed. It was a quiet night in our house and in the calm, I expected a heart-to-heart about his disappointment. “I had the best day!” he replied. I asked why and he said he didn’t know. I […]

Yellow ball. In this pic he is telling me thathis LaCrosse ball is a yellow ball. He is also saying that the field’s grass is green and that the sun is setting. It was taken at his first LaCrosse practice ever. Then he left me alone on a cold slope to go play with the […]

When I take a break from REBELTOeS, it is because something is brewing. This time, I’m happy to report that it isn’t some stomach churning existential crisis. It is because I received the most lovely 3/4 ton Chandler & Price letterpress printer for Christmas. Most of the bits to refurbish it are here and so […]

About this time of year, every year, my mom made a large batch of homemade caramel for Christmas presents. We spent hours snipping the sweets and had red crescent blisters from the scissors to prove it. I moaned on the outside but didn’t mind one wit on the inside. Caramels signaled the start of winter […]

Just hanging out on a beautiful day...

Here in Rebel Land, I’ve felt a touch on the quiet side as you might’ve guessed. Matt-Daddy has been traveling a lot and I’ve gnawed off more than I can chew with a few projects and┬ámy resident rebeltoes underfoot. When Matt-Daddy and I were on our honeymoon oh so many years ago, there was an […]