June 7, 2016


The day after my highschool graduation I had my second reconstructive jaw surgery due to a major bike accident. Most of my friends did as I would have done if the tables were turned. They dropped by once. Hoped I felt better. Left chocolate or a card. Then they went to summer jobs, and played in the sun, and made out with new found sweethearts at the man-made lake before going on their own paths to adulthood. However, one friend, KR, did not do that. She sat by my bed and read romance novels in the sun while I healed my face full of titanium plates and screws and wires. I shared my hospital room with another patient who was nutter butters and my friend tolerated her with ease. KR didn’t say much of anything. We didn’t do much of anything. She kept me and sometimes nutter butter company. It is one of my favorite memories ever. And, it is one that I turn over in my mind to learn from her over and over again. Even, ahem, nearly 30 years later.20160424_145301My oldest daughter is a lot like my friend in this regard. G-Love is simply wonderful company. Don’t get me wrong, she is not a drip void of opinion and blending into the background. She has her opinions about our time together. Coffee shops – yes. Parrot costumes – fingers crossed. People watching – definitely. Boredom – yes. Fart jokes – no. So that rule has lately precluded her older brother from joining us on 20160424_145251 our ventures. KR and G – Love and a few others have made me a convert to the power of keeping someone company. How is it that everything is better by spending time together?  I’m not very good at it, yet. My instinct is to fix! be! do! My husband asked to go on a date with my and I said, “Yes, let’s get some caulk for the boy’s bedroom window while we are at it.” So clearly, there are leagues of work I must do to be as good of a companion as they are. My friends are easily without even an unselfish agenda and only wanting a good chair, maybe some crafts or a book, and an eye on the weather. Oh, and they want my company. Me 🙂 Thank you good friends. I feel loved and I am thankful to learn from you. You are powerful.


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  1. The Heart Map resonates…to say the least. Love you all!

  2. I agree, Jen, it is sometimes hard to just be a good companion. There will always be things to fix, closets to clean and garages calling your name to organize. Family and friends should always trump these tasks!


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