November 29, 2016

heart now baby

I’ve had the utmost joy taking on custom letterpress printing work recently. My clients are always apologetic for the back and forth that is inevitably a part of custom design and printing. To confess, I had my reservations about taking the custom work on for this very reason. But I’m surprised to find that I love the back and forth. The details. The getting a piece as close to wonderful as we can get. Being on a team with the client is great. I love all the small human errors that show up in letterpress printing. I’m the only one who sees them. Well, me and my printer friends, but the reason the clients don’t see them is because as a whole the piece has integrity. It is beautiful faults and all. Letterpress printed pieces have heart.

The picture above is a neat little detail I added to a project. A client trusted me to do my thing and I am so very grateful. The wee heart is on the inside lower corner of the card. No fussy words. Just love. A surprise upon opening.

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