I have never had Bieber Fever. In fact, I have found him on the tail end of yuck in the Gaussian curve of human behavior. Yes, even in light of his youth, talent, and cloistered up bringing. Case in point: Ron Howard never urinated in public.

But golly, I now find that I have a high temp of giddy in regards to Beebs because of these dancers and this video at the endsies of my weekly missive.

The older I’ve gotten, the fewer of you have seen me on the dance floor with my full colors. I think the last public showing was at my sister Zizi’s wedding? I dream that I will be invited to the Vanity Fair party and the groove goes and the “Ins” ask. “Who is that woman that can move out like that?” Oh and then they read my writing and say here is a lot of lots of all the money and write more of your good-write here after you’re done dancing….

All this to say that I do get wistful. I wonder if I would be in this very dance group had I known as a kid that thinking outside the 9-5 box wasn’t just a 24-7 hospital job. Yes, I know I have sagging knee flesh and undeniable stretch marks. But my kids know I can move in all my rhythmic-yet-untrained, break-it-down and crash thru the door glory. I’m quite proud of that. What would’ve happened with a touch of training? A set of cool sol specs?

The temptation would be to show my moves, but these ladies make my day. So. Just a link for them with a super thanks to my fellow dancers. You continually make my day. Oh and SUNGLASSES. Can someone send me some gafas like theirs? Please? I will dance for you.

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  1. Just love it! Mom’s everywhere take note: if your children have not seen your moves, quick get on the dance floor!!

  2. It is time for another Knapp dance party! Groovy!

    • Gah! I just saw your note! I usually like to approve sooner. YES YES YES another dance party!! In costume please.


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