Because I’m afraid I will die tomorrow during a surgery that will remove titanium plates and pins from my facebones, I insisted on a delivery of a pile of mulch. 2 units. This means the broken bark pile was as tall as me and as large as my driveway where it rested.

I started to spread mulch everywhere but on the third day I threw my back out. So I organized the kids’ homework and art supplies. Then I organized Matt’s office which is also my paper storage and ink stuff place thingies area. In the middle of finding a new place for USPS stamps, he suggested that I go eat something or take a walk and I said, “No. There is mulch and my back is better.” He said, “You’re not going to die.” I asked him, “What about an earthquake and I wake up and I’m the only survivor with a tube in my throat like Milla in Resident Evil, the movie?”  He said, “Maybe take a nap.” I told him not when summerboysbreakfastthere was a gigantic mulch mound in the driveway. He said, “You need a hug.” I replied, “What I need is new shovel.”

Then the biggest baby said, “No you don’t. I mulched the yard already.” I went and looked and, lo, the 11 year old mulched my entire garden. Front and back. But mulch was still steaming in my driveway and my nerves were still shouting death and dismemberment worries. So I decided to mulch my neighbor’s garden and they said, “Aren’t you nice,” and I said, “No. I’m nervous.” Then everyone just stared at me like I was weird and it got very quiet in the heat and mulch-filled neighborhood.  My kids broke the deadsummergirlsbreakfast space and said, “Yes. She is weird. That’s why everyone loves her. We have a babysitter tomorrow. So. Don’t worry.”

I can’t remember who of the four said what because I’m worried I will die tomorrow and I listened to them care for me thru a haze I’m surprised is only audible and visible to me. But I love them all so super triple large. Think of the biggest thing you can think of like the universe. Then make it out of love and then make it small enough to cram it into your heart. That’s how I feel about my family and that’s why I’m nervous and that’s why mulch is the most logical way thru a week of worry.

As a sidenote. I believe the universe is made out of love described in a very scientific way so that was a redundant example.  See. Totally good idea. Best for me to mulch.


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  1. You’re so loved and surgery is something that leaves most of us terrified. You’ll come out like a champ and it’ll probably take a while to smile but we all will continue to pray, meditate and concentrate on your recovery and your mulchy blessing.

  2. What a touching story! There is obviously a lot of love going on in your household.


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