May 10, 2016

nap year

See those long shadow legs? Those are mine and you are looking at what I did for a good 45 minutes. No surfing on the phone. No talking with parents waiting for their kids’ LaCrosse games to finish. No self-indulgent existential crisis.

Earlier in the day Drowsy Tulip slept 18 hours and pushed a low-grade fever. I took her in to the doc to head off an evening crisis sans Matt Daddy. But, by the time we got to the clinic, Drowsy Tulip turned into Just Fine Tulip without a sweat. Doc and I chatted. Bright Tulip will be attending school M-F in a few short months. Doc warned me to keep the school hours free of my ambitions, for just a while at least. She said if students get Gap Years, parents should surely get nap years.20160510_174723

So, that’s what I did in the forty five minutes I was not late for anything. I let the sun warm my back and the breeze catch. My youngest two played flying otter family with imaginary glitter spewing booster packs attached to their arms. I think. No matter. I dreamt of my up coming nap year.

I was gruntled.

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  1. Happy Gruntlin’!!

  2. How heavenly – a nap year!


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