After The Duke lost his Geography Bee, I asked how his day went when I tucked him into bed. It was a quiet night in our house and in the calm, I expected a heart-to-heart about his disappointment. “I had the best day!” he replied. I asked why and he said he didn’t know. I […]

Spiders are not my skill set. Like no where frigging near my skill set and will never be and never were and I don’t like anything that I have to sew extra appendages onto a shirt in order for my kids to have a believable costume if they wanted to be one for Halloween. Things […]

Yellow ball. In this pic he is telling me thathis LaCrosse ball is a yellow ball. He is also saying that the field’s grass is green and that the sun is setting. It was taken at his first LaCrosse practice ever. Then he left me alone on a cold slope to go play with the […]

Last year we were selling a house, renting a house, buying a house, remodeling a house and moving into a house. Years ago, I started a tradition of putting up pics of a person when he or she had a birthday. The pics would litter the house and document the past year. No streamers or […]

For decades, my friend AR sent me notes. No matter where I lived, I received mail without fail from her feisty and persistent soul. My return rate was dismal. I waited for a large pocket of time and appropriate postage to cosmically align themselves and they never did. My failure rate weighed me down until […]

When I take a break from REBELTOeS, it is because something is brewing. This time, I’m happy to report that it isn’t some stomach churning existential crisis. It is because I received the most lovely 3/4 ton Chandler & Price letterpress printer for Christmas. Most of the bits to refurbish it are here and so […]

I have never had Bieber Fever. In fact, I have found him on the tail end of yuck in the Gaussian curve of human behavior. Yes, even in light of his youth, talent, and cloistered up bringing. Case in point: Ron Howard never urinated in public. But golly, I now find that I have a […]

Rather than post on REBELTOeSDAY, I built a wall between myself and my oldest daughter. Its dimensions are heartbreaking, but I included a few dusty pockets where crickets can chirp. It seems her mouth and my mouth are similar. Some parts crooked, some parts too forward, some parts too backward and all jangly in the […]

My G-LoveĀ packs chocolate when I ask her to make her lunch. It is this kind of judgement that makes us butt heads. She believes her worldview is the best. I would like her to join the rest of us for at least a predictable portion of the day. When the topic of Belief In Santa […]

Lovely REBELTOeS. I am not writing tonight. I’ve got this girl snoring on my shoulder. Catch you next week.