T Bird stealing the neighbors pumpkin. I caught him red handed with a camera in hand. Hes hoping that if he doesnt look me in the eye, I wont see him or the pumpkin.
October 20, 2015


He’s not looking into the camera because I’ve caught him red-handed. He’s stealing the neighbor’s pumpkin. He thought if he didn’t look, I wouldn’t see him. He’s not dumb. He’s just hopeful.

As we returned the pilfered pumpkin, he spilled the beans…errr….seeds. It seems that his large dreams include adding a festive touch to my un-decorated porch. He told me he can’t drive to a farm by himself. He doesn’t even have money to buy one. Even more confusing to him, the autumn squash appear out of nowhere on our neighbors’ respective steps. How does this happen? Why doesn’t it happen to us? Being four years old is tough.

I took him for a chocolate milkshake and then bought an orange gourd at the grocer’s. We can get more later amongst hay bales and sibling squabbles at the local patch later. Thank you Zupan’s.

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  1. He is an enterprising young boy (just as I suspected as I held him as a tiny baby). Tinax

  2. Love this story, so darn cute


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