February 3, 2016

quiet rebellion

When I take a break from REBELTOeS, it is because something is brewing. This time, I’m happy to report that it isn’t some stomach churning existential crisis. It is because I received the most lovely 3/4 ton Chandler & Price letterpress printer for Christmas. Most of the bits to refurbish it are here and so I’m trying to print some pictures from the kids for their Valentine’s cards. There are a lot of stumble trips. But somehow, I’m still in love and mostly patient with my 1913 heavy metal beast.

Rebellion takes all forms and I love the quiet ones and my treadle run, slow old-school printing is my middle bird to the electric internet laden sky. More later as I’ve got to build up my rails. Until then, send news from your frontline dear REBeL.


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  1. Will you show us pics of your machines??

    • yes. but i’m away from the computer with the pic and if i didn’t post now…it would’ve been another week before i had a moment. so. yes. when? uhhhhhh…..

  2. Finally I did it :). Love your work.


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