November 23, 2016


Hiya. I print on a 1913 Chandler Price letterpress printer that my husband found in a Portland garage last Christmas. We refurbished it with a lot of help from those pockets of artists and craftsmen that you only find when you are into something deep. REBELTOeS used to have loads of posts with musings of mine. Those just might come back in print form. But, until I decide what to do and find the time to do it, this site will show off what I print. And, probably some musings because I can’t help myself. And, because, it is all tied together in my heart. Love me anyway and even though I don’t follow all the rules for an online presence. Little REBeLLIONS are what I do best.  I have a feeling, that is probably what you do pretty well too. In Love and Rebellion, Jenna for custom work

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