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I miss Erma Bombeck and Fred Rogers and Gilda Radner. I like my kids. I have four of them. I like how the mornings sound when they are just waking up and thumping into each other and the walls and out into the world. I like boring things like waiting for my kids to get out of school and watching the birch leaves outside my bedroom window flash their silver underbellies in the river’s breeze. I have two Master’s degrees that are unrelated to each other. I am an artist, a comic, and a scientist. I like my husband and I like how he smells after a long run. Go figure. I have the kinds of friends some people wish for their entire lives. My friends live all over the globe. I can taste the changes in seasons when I kiss my kids’ foreheads goodnight. I’m not sure I will know it is winter when they’ve grown and gone from the house and I can’t kiss their foreheads before they dream. There’s always time for a good joke. Gimme a call and let’s crack open a few.


25/july/2013  p.s. Lands! I just read that the late Mr. Warhol also liked to do boring things. I’m fighting the urge to strike my like of boring things from the above missive so that I don’t look like a copy cat. The main reason I’m not going to strike it is because I think my boring is more boring than Mr. Warhol’s boring was. I mean, really, he never waited for his kids to get out of school. Snoozefest! Still, I like waiting for my kids to get out of school with nothing much for me to do.

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