T-Bird's 2015-2016 school pic
November 4, 2015

school picture

Lands! Yesterday was Rebel Toesday? Agk! Okay, so I hope this pic makes up for it. He pre-approved his hair. Just saying to cover all my bases because I’m not sure the end result is all that he had envisioned.¬†When you love someone like I do, no touch ups or retakes of his school picture are required. He might disagree with my decision when he is an adult, but I’m the mom. And, knowing this, I’ve already been saving for his therapy for years.

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  1. This is the kind of picture you blow up to serve as a decoration at his graduation party.

    • I’m thinking even before graduation. Like coffee mugs, t-shirts, swag in general…but I don’t think I’ve got enough cash for the kind of therapy he would require after a parenting move like that.

  2. if he is anything like his father, therapy is a non sequitur. Give him a week off to hike, or a guitar, and he will be more than healthy

  3. His eyes too say THIS is painful! When will this moment end?! Just can’t quit the giggles! Love the T! Thx J!


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