My G-Love packs chocolate when I ask her to make her lunch.

It is this kind of judgement that makes us butt heads. She believes her worldview is the best. I would like her to join the rest of us for at least a predictable portion of the day.

When the topic of Belief In Santa came up over the break, her response was that she believed in the reindeer. How could one not believe in an animal? That is totally weird for her to even think about! She does not believe in Santa and really hasn’t ever believed in Santa. Because, how could anyone believe in someone who didn’t remember poor kids? How could anyone believe in someone so mean?

Over break we had lots of chocolate for lunch.20150907_143923 (2016_01_05 05_24_41 UTC)

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  1. Look at those pierced ears!
    I want to pack chocolate in my lunch too.

  2. Just like her Mom! That is a nice way to be.

  3. mmmmmm chocolate!


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