Hiya. I print on a 1913 Chandler Price letterpress printer that my husband found in a Portland garage last Christmas. We refurbished it with a lot of help from those pockets of artists and craftsmen that you only find when you are into something deep. REBELTOeS used to have loads of posts with musings of […]

See those long shadow legs? Those are mine and you are looking at what I did for a good 45 minutes. No surfing on the phone. No talking with parents waiting for their kids’ LaCrosse games to finish. No self-indulgent existential crisis. Earlier in the day Drowsy Tulip slept 18 hours and pushed a low-grade […]

For decades, my friend AR sent me notes. No matter where I lived, I received mail without fail from her feisty and persistent soul. My return rate was dismal. I waited for a large pocket of time and appropriate postage to cosmically align themselves and they never did. My failure rate weighed me down until […]