March 15, 2016

yellow ball

Yellow ball. In this pic he is telling me thathis LaCrosse ball is a yellow ball. He is also saying that the field’s grass is green and that the sun is setting. It was taken at his first LaCrosse practice ever. Then he left me alone on a cold slope to go play with the other kids. I knew no one. All the other parents were in clusters chatting with each other. I left.

Almost exactly 11 years before this picture, we took his first trip to Costco. He was a very squishy baby and adorable. But he was also very alarmed at the fluorescents and rattles of the cavernous shop. As a habilitation audiologist, one of the ways I learned to expand a child’s vocab was to describe in sentences all the concrete bits of the world around. So, that’s what I did with my first baby before his widening eyes over ran with tears. I told him about our metal cart, the tall ceilings with its rafters and swallows, and the people finding what they wanted to care for their families. He calmed. Since then, that’s what we’ve always done with new activities. Described everything in a list of our encounter.

The most valuable side effect isn’t an awesome vocabulary. Rather, it is the discovery that in a nerve wrecking situation, there are only one or two unknowns. How do I play this game? Will they like me?

I picked him up after practice. Somehow, I found him in the sea of boys wearing the same uniform in the night. I asked how it went. It was totally great.

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  1. My first grandchild is growing up.


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